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100 Years of Happiness

100 YEARS OF HAPPINESS start with (Royal Choco late) Company that was founded in 1919 in Ismailia, Egypt. The owner at that time, Tommy Christo (Son of Evangelist Christo (Greek businessman who used to live in Alexandria)

Christo believed that the chocolate dough was too sensitive and captured the mood of who made it. So, if you want to create a product that makes other people feel happy you should be happy when the Greek chocolatier Tommy Christo built his chocolate factory there. It was the first of its kind not just in Egypt. But in all the near East. The workers were both Greeks and Egyptians.

For more than 100 years, Corona has been committed to providing the Egyptian consumer with a high-quality range of chocolate, biscuits as well as hard and soft candies.

Throughout our long history of hard work and development, Corona demonstrated a pro-active, socio-cultural attitude to society by total response to all needs and requirements of the consumers. We continue to launch innovative products to satisfy our ever-growing consumer profile.

Globally, we are establishing a strong network of professional distribution aiming to deliver our products to potential consumers at satisfying quality, price, taste and time.

The origin of the “Corona” Gazelle

In his objective to make his employees happy, Christo decided to build a football pitch for workers to have recreation breaks. A wild gazelle visited the pitch so regularly that it soon became a friend to all employees and was generously spoiled by Christo & all the factory workers.
The day the gazelle passed away, Tommy Christo mourned her death and decided to make her part of the factory brand, identity & logo. He ordered a statue of her to be carved and placed at the factory entrance, as well as to depict a drawing of the gazelle on all the products’ packaging. The carved gazelle can be seen in the background of a photograph taken in 1947.

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Celebrating the simple things in life through spreading charming treats.


  • Become one of the top 5 players in the snacks and beverages market in Egypt.
  • Providing high quality brands & products to delight our consumers.
  • Create sustainable value for our people, shareholders and community.

Core Values

RESPECT R – Responsibility E – Excellence S – Speed P – Passion E – Efficiency C – Customer Centric T – Team Spirit